Oudemuragie Road, De Rust, Western Cape, South Africa


Farm attractions

The combination of your hostess, Maggie Fourie, and the unspoilt nature on the farm has to lead to the establishment of various hiking trails on the farm allowing you to experience some of the most breathtaking views imaginable.

These trails are completely safe making it an definite option to keep the children busy as well. In most cases Maggie will accompany you showing you exactly what the farm has to offer.

It is also not surprising that a lot of guests visiting the farm find themselves staying a couple of days longer than expected in order to experience the different hiking trails.

Maggie has also put in a lot of effort preserving the geological – and other offerings on these trails. This includes the preservation of the vast amount of mountain streams and – pools to the little century old rock house.

On these trails one would find a wide variety of birds, small game, baboons and tortoises.

A century old little rock house can be seen on one of the hiking trails. It is built with mud and stone and is the source of plenty of geological finds.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool at the Manor House is available to overnight guests from 08:00 – 13:00 and 15:00 – 19:00 daily.

Local attractions

Should you wish to leave the farm, which is very difficult to do once you are settled in, and travel a bit to the surrounding areas, we can suggest quite a few well-known attractions to visit.

Amongst them are the following:

  • De Rust, Town of the Year 2011, is an old world little town with a huge artist community,
  • 10 kilometres from the farm,
  • The famous Meiringspoort, 11 kilometres from the farm,
  • The Cango Caves, 30  Kilometres from the farm,
  • Cango Wildlife Ranch, 40  Kilometres from the farm,
  • The “Rooikoppe”, millions of years old, 10 kilometres from the farm,
  • Award winning Wine Farms, 10-20 kilometres from the farm,
  • The Swartberg Pass, mystery personified, 40 kilometres from the farm,
  • Oudtshoorn, Ostrich Capital of the World, 40 kilometres from the farm,
  • Rust & Vrede Waterfall.
  • Wilgewandel Camel Farm, 28km from the farm,
  • Various Ostrich Farms